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Forever Axle for Industry Nine 1/1 Mountain Classic rear hub.

Forever Axle for Industry Nine 1/1 Mountain Classic rear hub.

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Now available in titanium!

These axles replace the standard aluminum axle found in Industry Nine 1/1 Mountain Classic rear hubs. All axles are now available in either stainless steel or titanium.

The stainless steel option is the perfect upgrade for the hard hitting rider, looking to keep their hub rolling for years to come. Or, for the weight weenies out there, the titanium version shaves approximately 30grams while maintaining the same reliability of its chunkier sibling.

With a wall thickness of only 1.5mm, the stock aluminum part was known to snap at the drive-side bearing shoulder. This upgrade adds a substantial amount of strength, at the cost of a little extra weight.

Made in Whistler, Canada.

Axles are made in small batches. If they're available to buy, they're ready to go. Please allow a couple of days for your order to ship.

Out of stock? Please click on the NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE button and you'll get a notification when a new batch rolls off the machine.

When installing your new axle, you may find our Hub Support Tool handy.


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