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Forever Axle for Industry Nine 1/1 Mountain Classic rear hub.

Forever Axle for Industry Nine 1/1 Mountain Classic rear hub.

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Rotor Mount

Now made exclusively in titanium!

Replaces the standard aluminum axle found in your Industry Nine 1/1 Mountain Classic rear hub.

This super strong upgrade will keep your hub rolling for years to come. With a much more elastic quality, titanium will flex without breaking, allowing your freehub to engage as it was designed to do, all while keeping your bearings running smoother for longer.

With a wall thickness of only 1.5mm, the stock aluminum part was known to snap at the drive-side bearing shoulder. This upgrade adds a substantial amount of strength, at the cost of a little extra weight.

Made in Whistler, Canada.

Axles are made in small batches. If they're available to buy, they're ready to go. Please allow a couple of days for your order to ship.

Out of stock? Please click on the NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE button and you'll get a notification when a new batch rolls off the machine.

When installing your new axle, you may find our Hub Support Tool handy.


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