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NEW! "Fun Bolts" for Chris King bolt on rear hub.

NEW! "Fun Bolts" for Chris King bolt on rear hub.

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As with most of the stuff I make, these bolts have arrived here after one guy asked me to make him a set.

Since these are no longer available through the original manufacturer, here they are, albeit with a slightly different look.

Stainless steel main body with a 6mm socket head and an aluminum captive washer. Smaller diameter washer than the original, allowing for better clearance on some frames and derailleurs. One purchase consists of a pair of bolts.

Fun Bolts are made in small batches. If they're available to buy, they're ready to go. Please allow a couple of days for your order to ship.

If out of stock, please click on the "SEND ME A HEADS UP!" button and you'll get a notification when a new batch rolls off the machine.

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