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Thru-Tool 23mm (Trek)

Thru-Tool 23mm (Trek)

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The 23mm Thru-Tool is designed to work perfectly with all Trek ABP frames with a 23mm nut. (Yes, even if the nut only has two flat sides!) 
So you've packed your bags, filled your drinking reservoir and gathered a few spare parts for a riding adventure into the wilderness! You've remembered a spare derailleur hanger, but...
How do you get that broken hanger off? And how will you install the new hanger, making sure its tight? You could take a heavy adjustable wrench, a cone wrench maybe, or even a socket and ratchet - but no thanks!
This is where the Thru-Tool comes into play. This compact design utilizes your rear thru axle as a long handle, giving huge amounts of leverage, to crack that hanger nut and save the day! A guide pin in the socket centre helps to keep the tool aligned and prevent any unwanted damage to your frame's hardware.
We like tools to be a joy to use. This one is so satisfying in its operation, we bet you'll wish you could use it more often! CNC machined from tough 7075 grade aluminum and anodized for added hardness, the Thru-Tool will survive the outdoors, as well as life in a busy workshop. Plus it's purple! So you'll find it in your pack, see it in the dirt, or spot it on the workbench.
Designed, tested and made in Whistler, Canada.
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