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Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

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This little doodad moves your spring up the shock body, making space at the linkage end, enabling the use of a Cascade Druid/Dreadnought B1 or C1 link. Originally a one-off custom part, this little fella has been selling so well that I gave it a name. 

The Space Shuttle is exclusively machined for the EXT Storia and Push ElevenSix shocks, in conjunction with the Cascade B1 and C1 links on the Forbidden Druid and Dreadnought models. If you've tried running the above shocks and Cascade link on these bikes, you'll be aware of the clearance issues. Please note: This part replaces the spring retainer. 

Manually machined in Whistler, BC from 6061T6 aluminum.

Please allow one to two weeks for your order to ship, as these parts are made to order. Thanks. 

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