About Us

The back story

Well, so far it's just me. Originally from Lancashire, England and moved to Whistler, BC in 2010.

I started wrenching (spannering!) bikes in a family run shop back in 1999. Since then it has all been about bikes, turning wrenches in all kinds of shops and out on the circuit with pro road teams.

Now here in Whistler, I continue to follow my bicycle passions at Chromag Bikes, in an awesome team of dedicated hardtail heroes!

And this is where the story of Pinner Bike Tools begins, along side a more recently developed passion that is machining. This absorption into the machining world has allowed Pinner to develop its first tool - the Thru-Tool series. And here we are!


The thinking

Like those days when your bike is just dialled, when all you can hear is the sound of your tires over the rocks and roots. You and your bike are feeling pinner! That is what we ride bikes for.

Your bike felt pinner, because you took the time to make it that way, because you cared about how it all went together. It was satisfying to know that everything was spot on, and you enjoyed using the tools.

I believe tools should compliment the task at hand. Tools should be so satisfying in their operation, you will make any excuse to use them. If you enjoy using the tools, you'll keep your bike pinner!


-Pete Fowler