Bicycle related home machine shop in Whistler, Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Specializing in one-off parts and prototyping.

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Tales of the Thru-Tool

At just 40g it's light and small enough to chuck in a pack. Better yet, it's precise enough to use in the workshop with a snug fit and a guiding pin to prevent cam-off.Β A highly niche tool for sure, and also very clever.

Dave Rome, CyclingTips

What's not to like about a nice little tool like the @pinnerbiketools Thru-Tool? Looks nice, works great, lightweight and ready to save your ride!

If you own a Chromag Bike with the 12mm thru bolt hanger, you might be interested in this creation by our mechanic, Pete. It's a packable shop quality tool that utilizes your rear axle for the handle.

Chromag Bikes

@pinnerbiketools saves the day! Awesome little tool, so well machined.Β Thanks Pete! It didn't even put the slightest mark on the hanger nut.

Jason Lam

Cool little tools for the rear end of @cyclesdevinci @trekbikes @chromagbikes. Replace the derailleur hanger or just service the rear bearings. Doesn't mark the soft aluminum nut that holds it all together. Great to stick in your pack or in the workshop.

Dan Phipps

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