Manual Machining

CNC machines have their place, but for one-of-a-kind projects, prototypes, or small batch runs, manual machines can mean more flexibility and lower setup costs.

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  • R.J. Groot - Forever Axle

    A beauty!Β I used to notice my wheel would spin less freely on the stand. That problem is now gone. A solid upgrade. The weight penalty is worth the performance benefits, it’s the best that hub has ever worked!

  • Dave Rome, CyclingTips - Thru-Tool

    At just 40g it's light and small enough to chuck in a pack. Better yet, it's precise enough to use in the workshop with a snug fit and a guiding pin to prevent cam-off.Β A highly niche tool for sure, and also very clever.

  • Matt, Lakeside Bike Co.

    When you use something daily it is great when it works well and makes the job better! It is a treat threading that funnel in everytime. 20+ years of working on bikes and complaining about the plastics ones lasting a few months.

  • - Thru-Tool

    What's not to like about a nice little tool like the @pinnerbiketools Thru-Tool? Looks nice, works great, lightweight and ready to save your ride!

  • Chromag BIkes - Thru-Tool

    If you own a Chromag Bike with the 12mm thru bolt hanger, you might be interested in this creation by our mechanic, Pete. It's a packable shop quality tool that utilizes your rear axle for the handle.

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Pinner Pete

I started Pinner with a glorified drill press in my garage, while attempting to make a home project come to life. I couldn't afford to pay a big machine shop for a custom one-off, so I thought I'd do it myself!

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