Suspension Socket 32mm
Suspension Socket 32mm

Suspension Socket 32mm

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Ultra snug-fitting suspension sockets for suspension fork top caps. The 32mm socket fits any 32mm top cap with a flat-to-flat dimension less than 31.90mm.
Undersize, with zero chamfer for a precise fit, and a low profile design to reduce cam-off. They also have plenty of grip to help turning by hand.
We like tools to be a joy to use. This one is so satisfying in its operation, we bet you'll wish you could use it more often! Manually machined from tough 7075 grade aluminum and anodized for added hardness, Pinner bike tools will survive life in a busy workshop. Plus they're purple! So you'll find them in your pack, or spot them on the workbench.
Designed, tested and made in Whistler, Canada.
Please note that some aftermarket upgrades have larger dimensions, which may not fit our sockets. If you are unsure, it is recommended that you measure the flat-to-flat dimension of your top cap(s).